Our practice areas include auto-accidents and construction accidents, fatal accidents or disabilities caused by accident, personal injuries, malpractices, omissions by central and local Greek authorities

Our team, leaded by the expert lawyer Christoforos Glavenos, a fighting and skilled lawyer with time-tested experience, who is not only an expert in law, but also extremely sensitive and thoughtful as regards victims of car and labor accidents, and also their families, dealing with each case bearing in mind to provide financial support for the families but also legal and moral vindication, for those who lost in accidents their beloved ones, or those who suffered serious or minor disabilities.

The long experience of the renowned lawyer Christoforos Glavenos to handle such cases and his ability to understand and share feelings of pain and loss, of agony for the future of a car or a labor accident victim, or their relatives, has led the team of Christoforos Glavenos and Partners to be established in Greece as an elite lawyers group, handling cases of tragic and serious car or labor accidents, that have topped the headlines in Greece, and handling them with consideration, discretion, self-abnegation and loyalty.
Our office undertakes the legal support of civil claims and criminal charges for victims of car and labor accidents, in cooperation with a large number of doctors, forensic surgeons, mechanical engineers and top-tier experts.
Our office also undertake cases regarding tort claims for malpractice or omissions against Greek authorities and organizations, in local or central government level (e.g. flood victims due to lack of sufficient disaster prevention measures).